Special AARAI Bulletin – May 22, 2016

This is a special bulletin that was sent out on May 22, 2016 from the Adventist Amateur Radio Association International.


Dear AARAI friend:

Since we currently aren’t able to provide a quarterly newsletter, I wanted to bring you up to date on several items of interest.

Our nets—Our Sunday morning 40 meter net has been moved from 7270 to 7265, in case you have been wondering. There was too much interference at the old frequency. To our hams in the Eastern U.S., please support this net with your presence as much as possible! This was one of Ed Peterson’s favorite nets, and in its heyday counted on many, many check-ins. Lately our check-ins have been very few.

The evening 75 meter net has adjusted from 3973 back to its original spot at 3972.5 We are on five nights a week, Sunday through Thursday, from 8:30 p.m. Eastern to approximately 9:00. Come and join our lively group!

The Sunday morning net on 20 meters, 14328, continues to meet at 1500 UTC, and we usually have a goodly number of folks participating, but lately have been challenged by poor propagation, and a lack of net control stations. If you can help us by leading out one Sunday a month or so, please let us know!

Don’t forget our Monday and Thursday nets on 14328 with VE7DSE, Bob, and KL3DO, Eric, leading out. These nets meet at 1:00 p.m. Eastern / 10:00 a.m. Pacific.

QSO Party

Our new QSO Party leader Garth, WY8Z, did a great job of organizing this annual event, and participation was not too bad, but apparently very few people submitted their logs, so we don’t have any results to share at this time. I have an idea that people enjoy the get-together for its own sake, and prefer not to bother with the paperwork. Your comments

Equipment donations—We have been greatly blessed with equipment donations in recent times, mostly from the estates of silent keys. Thanks to this, we recently sent a transceiver to one of our deserving hams in Croatia, 9A3BC, Franjo. There have been other cases like this, and otherwise we sell off what we can to benefit our treasury.

Voluntary dues?

While we are on the subject of finances, have you ever considered donating to AARAI? I am going to suggest that at least once a year, each member remit at least $10.00. This can be sent via PayPal through the link on our website, www.aarai.org, or by check to our treasurer, Sharon Staddon, KL7ZD, PO Box 6639, Bozeman, MT 59771-6639. If each one of us were to contribute a small amount on a regular basis, we would always have a strong organization. By the way, a current financial statement is available upon request.

Your president’s travel plans

We would love to meet you! I will be a seminar speaker at the Kentucky-Tennessee camp meeting May 30 to June 4, and again at the Southern New England camp meeting June 17 to 25. We are also planning at this time to attend the ASI convention in Phoenix, August 3 to 6, assisting in the TEACH Services booth and signing my book. Other appointments appear on my personal website, www.LostArkSeminar.com. If you are in the area, come by and see us.

Jim Hoffer, KW8T, president


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