Meeting Minutes – September 20, 2015

Members Present;

  • Gerald Mohr KC5PWQ   
  • William Campbell  KC5FPT   
  • Philip Myers  KF5SOX   
  • Carol Myers KG5GSR   
  • Gerald Peterson N4IUL     
  • Malinda J Earley KF5ZGD   
  • Nick Parrish KG5FMN   
  • Ken Cowell KD5PQP   
  • David Brain WW5Y    
  • Delmon Tucker KE5AWJ

10 Members Present

  1.  Ken Cowell KD5PQP worship How God uses us.
  2. Delmon Tucker KE5AWJ minutes of last meeting.
  3. Howard Cambell infection since Wednesday.
  4. Bob Hamiliton is sick.
  5. TAEC Event Requirement presented.  Kenny moved the motion. Philip seconded the motion. Motion carried.
  6. Debriefied Cowboy Campmeeting. Refueling carts. CCM provide own adult supervision on transportation for children. Outside speakers for overflow. More 6 passenger carts. 163 hours of volunteer service.
  7. Ordered vests and caps.
  8. Emergency Management Fair 35 hours of volunteer service.
  9. Need more volunteers for net control operators. Carol Myers KG5GSR will train.
  10. EOC meets 4th Tuesday of Month.
  11. David Brain WW5Y provided Tech Talk. Net control protocals to act like a traffic cop at an intersection. Informal . Close with full callsign every 10 minutes. Net control must have permission card from club. Think what to say, then use as few words end CS. When net control, shut down net and take emergency calls.



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