Meeting Minutes – October 2015

Members Present;

  • Gerald Mohr KC5PWQ
  • Melinda J Earley KF5ZGD
  • Nick Parrish KG5FMN
  • Ken Cowell KD5PQP
  • Delmon Tucker KE5AWJ
  • Curtis Mohr K5CLM

6 Members Present


  1. Ken Cowell KD5PQP worship Health Issues Psalm 139:14 Wonderfully Made.  Nick Parrish KG5FMN closed with prayer.
  2. Delmon Tucker KE5AWJ minutes of last meeting.
  3. Howard Campbell Rehab in Kindred Hospital.
  4. Bob Hamilton Dizzy for 2 months.
  5. Delmon Tucker November 9 Right Knee ortho.
  6. Updated Club Membership Info.
  7. Ordered vests and caps.
  8. David Brain has a New Job and a new location, out of state.
  9. EOC meets 4th Tuesday of Month 7pm EOC Building.
  10. 2 Repeaters were ordered, echo link Keene and Alvarado.
  11. Played Video “Who’s in Charge?”
  12. Discussed who would run Net Control each week at 8pm.
  13. Closed



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