How to Use Amateur (Ham Radio) Repeaters

Simple enough for even me to understand! This article will help the New Ham to be more at home on repeaters and understand the operation and procedures on Ham Radio Repeaters. It contains a basic description of a ham radio repeater, how to use it properly and is written with the NEW HAM  in mind for the most popular ham band….2 […]

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How To Build a J-Pole

  2 meter antenna specs A (Long Section): 57.96 Inches B (Short Section): 19.2 Inches C (Feed Point): 1.92 Inches D (Spacing): 1.8 Inches 70 cm Antenna Specs A (Long Section): 19.08 Inches B (Short Section): 6.36 Inches C (Feed Point): 0.6 Inches D (Spacing): 0.6 Inches If you need to build an antenna for another band, or would like to […]

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