Article I
The name of this organization shall be Texas Adventist Emergency Communications

Article II

As we move toward a new millennium, we see the prophecies of Matthew 24 being fulfilled with unequaled potency. Disasters are striking with a startling rapidity and strength. TIME MAGAZINE reports that the floods, hurricanes, fires, tornadoes, and terrorism that have struck within the last ten years on this continent have amounted to more property damage than the hundred years preceding it combined.

It is within this context that Seventh-day Adventist must be more alert and more able to help than ever before. Christians have been given a special privilege to follow Christ?s example and become the most compassionate people on Earth. ?God requires every one to be a worker in His vineyard. You are to take up the work that has been placed in your charge, and to do it faithfully,? Christian Service 9:4

When an emergency arises Adventist Christians must be the first to step forward to help. As Christian Amateur Radio Operators we can give special aid to the devastated through a willing helpful spirit and proper use of Amateur Radio Equipment to facilitate the rapid response and movement of personnel and relief goods to and in the affected area during a disaster response.

T.A.E.C. PURPOSE The purpose of T.A.E.C is to recruit and train new and existing Amateur Radio Operators to be ready to meet the communications needs for Adventist community Disaster Response during the time of a disaster. It is the goals of this organization to be able to provide communications in the amateur Radio spectrum within the affected disaster area and back to the central conference disaster headquarters to provide for a rapid response in the placement of Volunteer personnel in a timely and effective distribution of relief supplies to the disaster victims.

Article III

Section I: Membership of this organization is open to all currently license amateur radio operators, who are willing to help when a need arises. People of all races, creed, religion, sec, color are welcome to join. Auxiliary members are those who are not licensed radio operators who are willing to supply supporting services for the organization.

Section 2: A member is a person who fills out an application and voted by Membership and issued an I.D. card. A member who is absent from 3 meetings in a row with out just cause are subject to be dropped from the club by a vote of the membership if the club is not informed of the absence.

Article IV


Section I: The T.A.E.C. shall consist of the following.
1. President
2. Vice-President
3. Secretary
4. Treasurer
5. Church Coordinator
6. Training Officer
7. Pastor
8. Technical Director & Newsletter Editor

Section II: Qualifications of officers.

1. Be a current hold of an amateur radio license
2. Be a good standing member in the club

Section III: Election of officer

The election of officers shall take place every three years and shall be by 2/3 majority of the licensed club members present. A slate of officers will be submitted by a nominating committee elected by the club. When resignation is submitted and accepted, the vacancy shall be filled in 60 days from the time of vacancy. Officers will submit names to the club, to be voted by 2/3 of the members present, to fill the remaining term of office.

Section IV: Duties of Officers.

A. President:

1. Presides over club meeting
2. Sees that all equipment is in working order
3. Make recommendations on ways to improve the club
4. Makes decision to call up members when needed.

B. Vice-President:

1. Preside over club meeting when president is absent or when call up is needed
2. Make recommendations on ways to improve the club.
3. Assists the president in anyway asked by the president

C. Secretary:

1. Keep minutes of meetings.
2. Present minutes of last meeting to the club.
3. Keep record of club members
4. Keep call up list
5. Do call up when requested by the President or Vice-President.

D. Treasure

1. To keep accurate records of club funds.
2. To present Treasurers report at club meeting.
3. To make bank deposits.
4. to pay bills, checks signed by President and Treasurer

E. Church Coordinator:

1. Work with churches to get a club started in their church
2. To keep T.A.E.C. clubs informed of club activities.

F. Training Officer:

1. Have training at all club meetings to train club members in:

a. Radio Communications
b. Working with other groups
c. Search and Rescue

G. Pastor

1. Have devotional at all T.A.E.C. function.
2. give spiritual direction to the club

H. Technical Director & Newsletter Editor

1. Keep computers operational
2. Chief net control operator
3. Write a newsletter once a month


The club shall meet once a month to conduct business at hand and to hold a training session to train members to help out in a time of a disaster or callup to help as needed


1. Orange vest shall be worn when club is called to active duty.
2. No logo or patches on clothing except T.A.E.C. approved.
3. Appropriate clothing shall be worn
4. I.D. badges must be worn at all times.


1. By-Laws may be reviewed every three years after election of new officers.
2. By-Laws may be reviewed by a vote of 2/3 of the membership at anytime.

Article VIII

The club by majority vote of present at any regular meetings may levy the general membership such dues or assessments as shall be deemed necessary for the business of the organization. Non-payment of such dues or assessments shall be cause for expulsion from the club within the discretion of the membership. The dues will be $12.00 per member or $20 per family


T.A.E.C. may be disbanded by a 2/3 vote of the membership, all assets of the club will be turned over to community services.